Thursday, November 25, 2010


So over the headaches every day, and the fatigue. Bleh, and the insomnia. I can't sleep, but when I do finally go, I can't wake up. So exhausted in the mornings.

I am working on the kitty headband and warmers for my oldest daughter. I hate knitting things that require you to make 2. I get one done, and then end up with just one, because I don't want to do it again. So, I made the one, and now I'm trying to break up the monotony by making some (requested) wrist warmers for my mother. Oh joy! Another twosie knitted gift. I should make scarves or something. Maybe I would, but they live in the southern States. Hot. Wool + Florida = self roasting. I am thinking about getting Ysolda Teague's Whimsical Little Knits and making the Mousie and Poppy for the girls. No clue what to make the boys.

Today is Thanksgiving. Even though we are in Canada, we're celebrating again. I am very thankful for my life, my family, my few friends. Eric has to work tomorrow as it is not a holiday here, but I will be making us a yummy dinner. You know, marrying a Canadian, our dinner choices are so different. I grew up in South Texas eating Tex Mex stuff, he's a plain (and I do mean PLAIN) meat and potatoes guy. The food they eat here is so bland. I like spices and heat and flavor and grease, ha ha.

I need to blog more. Facebook has just taken over my blogging time. It's so addicting.

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