Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is this thing on?

I started out using Livejournal years ago, but since they started the bs with having to pay or you get these overly annoying ads in your face, I gave it up. Fiddled with a bit, but I think I might stay here at blogger.

I haven't really blogged much in the past few years. Life has been really hectic. REALLY hectic. Moving back and forth all over the place, dealing with custody battles, lack of employment. Bleh. It is so hard to find a job, much less a decent job in the States. We had to come back to Canada so my husband could get a decent job.

We're currently so far north, I feel like we should be living in an igloo and driving a sled to work, dogs included. It snowed a few weeks ago, a foot or so. Brrr. Coming from South Texas, I am so not used to this. So here I am in 30F degree weather. Shivering. Teeth chattering... but... I am with my husband and children. That's all that matters 'eh?

Going to be homeschooling Ryan here soon. I am a bit nervous. New to this. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure once we get rolling, we'll be fine.

I'm also going to be starting on Lily's citizenship. Lots of paperwork to get it done, and then 10 months to wait for approval. Why 10 months? How long does it take to look at two birth certificates and say "yep, she's a keeper." The rest of us have to go through an even more rigorous process. Ryan, Emelie and I will be working on our permanent residency. I will try to keep a running tally on dates and stuff, when we send off. Mainly so I know how long it's taking. I hate waiting, so impatient.

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